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  • Do you rent out your theatre?
    We perform our shows in the Black Box Theatre at the Frisco Discovery Center which is owned and managed by the City of Frisco. If you need more information about the availability of the space, we would refer you to
  • Do you offer acting classes?
    No, not currently, however, our Improve Troupe does occasionally offer improv classes. More information can be found at
  • Are you a children's theatre?
    We are not, however there are many fine children's theatre programs in the area.
  • Can children audition?
    While we sometimes have characters in our productions that call for child actors, it is a rare occurance. If we are ever in need, it will be specifically outlined in the audition notice.
  • How can I audition?
    Auditions are always open to everyone, we encourage people of all colors and identities to audition, and are open to nontraditional casting. Check out our auditions pages for more information.
  • Are your actors paid?
    Theatre Frisco is very proud that since moving into the Discovery Center, everyone involved with a production gets paid. This includes actors, stage crew, musicians and the production team (designers, directors, choreographers, etc).
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